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Subject:no more lj for me!
Time:01:57 pm
Hello just to let you know i will no longer be using my lj so if you still want to keep in contact add me on www.myspace.com/randomboo

bye bye xxx
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Time:11:01 am
Current Mood:awakeawake
Hey peeps
Its gonna be about 20 degrees down here this weekend so i extend an open invitation to anyone who fancies a trip southwards, was planning on Bournemouth sat (seaside with surfers) then a few beers in salisbury (where i live) and chillin in the country (pub lunch) sunday... I have a spare room and a house to myself so anyone who fancies it let me know!
Flybe - edinburgh - southampton then a short direct train to Salisbury
Easyjet - glasgow - bournemouth i can meet u at the pier!
Trainline.com - for trains edinburgh - london - salisbury

http://www.travelsupermarket.com/flights/results.aspx?masterquery=true&aggregationid=1408400000000031041&available=42 LINK FOR THE CHEAPEST FLIGHTS I FOUND FOR THIS WEEKEND!

Would love some visitors!
Claire xxxx
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Subject:the last month... or so
Time:06:13 pm
Daniel came to visit again from Stonehenge, muchos fun

Sander and his mrs came up from Oxford - muchos fun

working stupidly long shifts - not fun

going to Salisbury soon - will b fun!

Im off wed day if anyone wants to do somethin xxxx
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Time:04:51 pm

Anyone fancy starting a basketball team - reply if you're intrested

* fun

*gets u out the house


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Time:04:08 am
its been a while my friends.. been dumped, sacked and got a bloke i met at a gig in Oxford comin to stay for a week next Wednesday.
blagh blagh blah blahhhhh....
thats Claire signing off luv u all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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Time:05:18 am

oh for christ sake will everyone just cheer up...

Things could be worse for the lot of you... you all have somewhere to live, food in your tums and friends who love and care about you so stop whinging and lighten up. I could right essay length posts about all the complaints about my life like oh i nearly got fired this week, i aint gonna see my boyfriend for 2 weeks just cos hes an ass sometimes, my gran is on deaths door and my mum is an emotional state who needs mothering herself.

Ok so i just kinda had a mini rant/whinge myself but honestly just think about 5 things you WANT to do this week and DO them, you dont need money/boy/girlfriends to have fun eg. the modern art gallery is amazing and free,  ive spent many a day there on my own just chilling, window shopping - i always meet someone i know when im around town at the shops, call me and we can hang out i do talk a lotta shit sometimes - but occasionally i have my moments, check out Bar Salsa at the Grassmarket it opens at 4pm - 1am and has one o the best juke boxes i know drinks are 1.50 before 9pm and its very friendly i always sit at the bar (even on my own) and have had great nights there, see a movie - theres something liberating about going to the movies by yourself, walk up carlton hill - not as taxing as arthers seat, great view and very peacefull a wicked place to go think.

So yeh thats that i guess, i await many replys telling me to feck off while u drown in your own pools of mental mopage - enjoy.

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Time:04:06 am


Apologies to Graeme - i got stuck in Dunfermline with no cash

                         Lee  - i didnt know it was your b'day until i read lj

                    Stumac - i got called into work, sorry ill buy you all a pint next time xxx


In other news my Gran has had 2 strokes in the last week and is in a bad way, my Mum isnt coping too well... I move into my new flat on the 1st Feb (musular men required for lifting duties beer will be payed) i cant wait to have my own place, Brian (my bloke) has an audition for the lead role in a low budget horror movie! Andy has left Uni but seems to be happier for it, and is leaving with a degree so GO ANDY! Ross is off to Oz soon (next month) the things some ppl will do for a lay lol! But it has to be said in general my family worries aside, things arent going too badly for once, im just waiting for Karma to hit me i cant be this happy.......................................................................................................







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Time:05:09 am
Velvet Revolver lastnight, was okay i just hate the SECC i couldnt see shit all night... Then we went to the Cathouse after, which was okay but i was in a Emo mood so didnt really get into it.

Worked tonight which was pretty mobbed despite having a killer hangover i still managed to have a good time, there was a funny incident where some chicks popped out of her top on the dancefloor - she got an applause and everything!!! lol Off to my blokeys tommorrow for fun and frolocks in Fife woot woot.
Take care now ppl. xxxx
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Subject:How boring is my life lol
Time:04:25 pm
Thurs - met Sander, went to Salsa, dj'd

Fri - Salsa with Stu and Graham, Opium, drunk, pulled a cutey too!!!

Sat - salsa, watched movies, chilled, dj'd

Sun - no salsa! opium, drunk, pulled said cute boy (again) go me!

Mon - salsa with Cheeks, opium, subway?! boring

Tues - salsa with Sander an Mikey, opium, Cabaret V. danced to techno like an arse, got chatted up by cute boy with dreads couldnt be arsed pulling though... pah!

Wed - opium, gig, drunk, danced, dj'd, flirted with a certain someone to no effect, ach oh CERTAIN DEATH rock!

Thurs - djing tonight BORING come visit me in Opium ppl cos i miss you all...
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Time:11:24 am
Im kinda liking not havin internet access - ive hung out with soooo many ppl i hardly ever see recently.

So the run down,
well hmm booze,
rock n roll,
a trip to Calder!
met a crazy ass American who i have to take 'partying'
more booze,
staying in Opium till silly o clock,
beers on the balcony,
throwing up all over my room,
no booze for a bit,
Watching Tank Girl at 6am,
falling down the stairs - trip to hospital,
kissed someone i shouldnt of,
Mary Poppins dancing,
went to a Family Guy party,
and a Peter Pan theme party,
wore ripped jeans in public,
made up with my Mum and had a really good chat,
bought blonde hair dye (even though im blonde) duh!
got asked out to dinner by a complete stranger - said no!
got asked for my no by another complete stranger - said no!
got drunk with my mate Bobby (first time in like 8 months!!!)
drank Mead,
mate a new friend called Stu,
fell in love with the new Ministry album,
had dinner at 4am in a restaurant with someone i barely know,
had girly chats with Miriam and drank beer,
hit crazy american dude when he tried to lick my leg?!,
made chilli nachos,
cried at 'Chocolat'
felt good about myself for the first time in wayy too long,
can honestly say i like being single! woo wonder how long this will last...

Off to meet Andy for a coffee, club tonight dunno where yet... call me peeps!
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